Lancaster Presbyterian Church

Serving the Community Since 1954


Our church was unofficially started in 1954, by Rev. John Rowlan, with the first service being held on September 9th in the Lancaster Women's Club. Easter service was actually held in the Antelope Theater. We were granted official status on February 6, 1955 by the Presbytery of Los Angeles.

In February of 1955 came the purchase of the property where LPC currently resides. November of 1956 saw the construction of five new classrooms and the office. This was under the guidance of Rev. Richard B. Stanley, who was called to serve here in November. Stanley also saw the purchase of three additional acres added to LPC's property.

From September 1969 through June 1974, Rev. William G. Ward served as assistant Pastor. Rev. Stanley resigned in August 1974. It was not until March 1975 that Rev. Kenneth B. Cragg arrived. He served through 1977.

February, 1979 saw the arrival of Rev. Roland B. Rosson and his wife Barbara. It was during his ministry that construction of the current sanctuary began and was completed. During this same time, most church facilities were extensively remodeled. The dedication of the new sanctuary was held on May 19, 1985.

Rev. William Witt and his wife Shari came to our church on August 2, 1987 and retired in October 2000.

Rev. William Fry and his wife Dr. Sue Fry served our church from Fall of 2002 to the spring of 2010.

Rev. Teresa Ramsey-McNeil and her husband Bob Ramsey-McNeil are currently serving our church.